home improvement: oven upgrade

One night, hubs was making a recipe that called for baking salmon, for 10 minutes. He put the salmon in, but after ten minutes it was barely cooked. 

"That’s weird," he said, then bad-mouthed the recipe and decided to put the salmon in for ten more minutes.

After the buzzer went off (a terribly loud thing that scares the cats and forces you to rush from whatever room you’re in just to relieve yourself of the racket), hubs checked the salmon once more. “It’s still not done!” he said. Now he wrote a note on the recipe and decided we weren’t going to trust Real Simple’s cook times anymore.

This went on for two more 10-minute cycles. After 40 minutes of cooking in the oven, the salmon was just barely done, and the green beans accompanying it were downright crunchy.

Hubs was still blaming the recipe, until a few days later when we tried to make pizza. When that failed, we finally began to suspect there was something wrong with the oven. Hubs actually put his hand on the bottom heating element and discovered that it was completely cold.

We could have gotten it repaired for probably $100, but we’re starting to gear up for a kitchen overhaul anyway. So we bought another stove!



It’s a flat-top! So easy to clean! And it’s black (eventually all our appliances will be black). And it doesn’t have sharp corners on the knobs that hurt my hands when I clean! And it has a burner big enough for our pasta pot! Adjustable burners (small or large)! A warming burner (keeps your pot at a stable temperature)! A pleasant-sounding beeper instead of a buzzer! 

And look at this! A window! And a light! I can see what I’m baking without opening the door and letting out all the heat! There are seven different levels I can put the racks on! Seven!

Naturally, if you’re going to get a new oven, the first thing you’ll want to cook in it is cookies, right? So that’s exactly what we did. They actually cooked evenly! I didn’t have to modify the recipe or anything!

Ta-da! We’re very happy with our new oven. It works!

  1. livinglikeweasels said: Congratulations! I love the flat tops! We just got a new refrigerator ourselves :-)
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