she’s crafty: yarn sticks

Here’s a perfect project to do while you’re watching the boob tube: it keeps your hands busy, but not your brain.

To cover the stick, Martha Stewart recommends yarn, but I find yarn to be quite expensive. Also, I have a box of embroidery floss from when I was in 5th grade (!) and I figured, what is the point of having this floss if I’m not going to do something with it?

I already had the perfect stick sitting in a jar in our living room, from a previous scavenger hunt outside. You don’t want the stick to be too thin, else it’ll break. Also, it shouldn’t be too straight. You want something that has some twists and turns. Be wary of bumps, though; they’re complicated because it’s hard to cover them with string. I used various green threads, to go with the green palette in our living room. It was fun to do stripes.

When you start wrapping your string around the stick, you don’t need any glue. You can just start wrapping the string around itself until it’s secure. When you get to the end of the string, put a dab of regular old Elmer’s on the stick, and wrap the string around the glue, gliding your fingers along the string, around the stick, to tamp down the string. That technique has worked perfectly for me—no loose ends have popped up.

The really lovely part about this project was that I was wrapping the stick, I really noticed all the little bumps and lichen and texture of the stick. It was a really beautiful stick, every little part of it was perfect. It was almost a shame to cover it up with string, actually, once I realized how beautiful the stick was. But I never would have noticed in the first place if I hadn’t been wrapping it.

Everybody needs a stick

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