While on winter break, I tried out this Fireplace Sachet Martha Stewart project using rosemary that grows at my school, and pine-cones I found in my back yard. I put my collected ingredients on squares of brown paper I had cut from paper grocery sacks, and tied them into pouches with baker’s twine. You’re supposed to throw them in the fireplace to release a pleasant rosemary/pine-y fragrance.

It was an easy project; the best part was walking around outside collecting pine-cones. Squirrels and birds went quiet for a little while, then started to chatter again when they saw I was just doing my own thing.  

I can’t say, however, that I recommend this project—at least not using recycled grocery sacks. The paper was a bit thick, making it difficult to form the square into a pouch. Maybe if I had used thinner kraft paper it would have worked better.

Also, I rarely question the infinite wisdom of Martha and her brilliant staff, but I can’t see the point of putting the pine-cones and rosemary in a paper pouch, when I could just as easily toss them directly into the fire (kindling!). 

And finally, we’ve burned two sachets and I have yet to smell any rosemary coming from our fireplace. Maybe I need to put a few in there.

So, the verdict: for all the time it took, I would recommend just taking a walk looking for pine-cones, snipping some rosemary*, and tossing a heck-ton of ‘em in the fireplace. Skip the sachets.

*I’ve noticed PCC and Whole Foods both tend to grow rosemary in their parking lots. Inside the store, they charge $5 for a little tiny package of rosemary. I started thinking, “Why pay for it when it’s growing right outside? I’ll just snip some from their parking lot!" Last week, I decided to actually follow through with my plan. Outside Whole Foods, I reached down to pull off a sprig of rosemary, and…I couldn’t do it! I felt like I was stealing. Ah well.

The funny thing is, I have my own rosemary plant, but I end up taking it from my school because mine is just sad.  

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