guys! i used a twin needle!

guys! i used a twin needle!

 Working on the neck for my Nettie!


I made quarter marks for the neck opening…


…then used the same quarter marks I made on the bindings to line the binding up with the neckhole. Then I pinned the heck out of it, ‘cuz it’s curves!


Here it is stitched and pressed…


…and here it is 3-dimensional.


 Doesn’t it look like a realt-shirt neckline? I’m so excited! I used a twin needle for the…

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shouldering ahead

Working on the shoulders for the Nettie!


Step 1: Stitch stay-tape onto the shoulder seams so they won’t stretch too much.


 Step 2: Stitch the shoulders together, right sides together. Ooh, it’s so exciting when it starts to look like a wearable thing!

The neckhole seems frighteningly small; I put the shirt on over my head and it was a bit of a tight squeeze. Also, annoyingly, I got makeup on…

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the nettie has begun!

the nettie has begun!


Step 1: Stitching the ends, right sides together.


Step 2: Pressing the seam.


Step 3: Folding the binding and pressing.


Step 4. Went with the optional basting stitch since the neckline fabric was rolling big-time.


Step 5: Marked the quarters of the neckline binding.


Step 6: Marked the quarters on the leg bindings.

First little phase complete!

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lladybird made me do it!

lladybird made me do it!

I re-upholstered our dining room chairs!

before pic


I went for blue, stormy, ocean.

I saved a lot of money by purchasing remnant pieces instead of by-the-yard, which means they’re all mis-matched. All the same texture and color, just different shades. Like the water view from our corner window.

The gentleman at the designer home dec fabric liquidation storewas very helpful, and has gorgeous stuff in…

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another tip from simplicity

another tip from simplicity

Buy patterns first, then you know how much yardage to buy.

Do you guys do this? It makes complete sense, and yet I’ve never thought about it before. I always buy my fabric first, because I get excited about fabric, then I don’t know what to do with it and it sits around and then I finally decide what to make only to find out I don’t have enough yardage.

So. New resolution: Buy patterns when I…

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