we’ll jump, and we’ll see

we’ll jump, and we’ll see

I interviewed for the Fashion Design and Construction certificate program at the New York Fashion Academy! 18 months, comprehensive. I’m gonna learn so much stuff, aaaaack I’m so excited!

I sound like that comic strip Cathy. Before I get ahead of myself, technically I’m not in the program yet. I’ll find out mid-September. But I have a great feeling about it and I think I’m in. Between now and…

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onwards and inwards


 I’ve printed the pattern for the slip I’m going to make that will go under my pink skirt.


I taped all the tiles together (piece 3 is for a different project and I discarded it).


And I cut out the pattern pieces! Next stop: cut my fabric.

I don’t know why, but cutting is one of those things I kind of dread and then when I do it it’s fine but there’s still that mental block and it’s dumb but…

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process photos for pink skirt

process photos for pink skirt


I’m already finished this skirt, but I’m posting some process photos ‘cuz I know some of you like them! (I love process photos!)


I gathered the skirt very carefully this time, since my first several attempts at gathering have come out a bit bunchy in some places, not gathered at all in other places. I’m quite happy with the result! I also used somebody’s tip (sorry, can’t remember who left…

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yes, it’s going to be that kind of post

yes, it’s going to be that kind of post

I finished my pink A-line skirt! I’m not doing a photo shoot of it yet,
because the first day I wore it I spilled black paint on it.

Ha ha ha ha ha.


So that’s getting a nice long pre-soak.

In the meantime, I made a bow belt. It’s not as big/overstated as I would have liked, but I used the fabric I had left. The good news is, I think it will cover up the skirt waistline, which I made just a…

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pattern purchased

For today’s “Just One Thing,” I downloaded and printed this FREE skirt pattern.
It’s FREE!


After looking at the pattern for a little while, I decided what I’d rather do is use Gertie’s skirt tutorial, which is what I used for my Nankeen skirt.


This tutorial was a favorite of mine–easy to do, great results. I also realized the BurdaStyle pattern pieces weren’t going to work for the print I…

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